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Chapel A House Concerts are private concerts for which you are given a personal invite. It is not a public music venue. It is our own home.

You can Pre Book your seat at one of our house concerts by making an Advanced Donation. At each house concert we have to ensure that there are sufficient donations to give to the artist as they depend on concert income to finance their expenses, music vision and to develop as working musicians. It is an expensive business being a musician on the road. So our objective is to encourage and support the artists we book. None of the donated money will be used towards the hosting costs of the house concert. The venue, PA system, graphic design, website overheads, seating, labour, set up costs etc are all kindly sponsored by various providers.

After receiving your Advanced Donation we will email you a few days before the house concert an eticket confirming your seat reservation together with the house concert address and details.

The only means for you to have a guaranteed seat at our house concert is for you to make an Advanced Donation on the Chapel A Home Page above

If you are unsure whether you can attend, you may however ask to be put on the Waiting List for a standing place to be reserved for you if such becomes available. A standing place only becomes available if all the seats have not been reserved. You will be informed a few days prior to the concert if a standing space is available. In this event you can make a cash donation on checking in on the day of the concert at the welcome desk.

All donations are non-refundable as the artist depends on your donation to make the show viable. We are also unable to offer short notice refunds if you are unable to make it along on the day of concert because of illness or bad weather or for any other reason. If you are in the unfortunately position where you have made an advanced donation but cannot attend, we would be grateful to be told this in advance of the concert.

We are suggesting a minimum donation of £5 per person; more if you can afford it. If you cannot afford £5 you are still most welcome to attend and please feel free to give what you are able. If you pay online via Paypal we suggest a donation of £6.50 per person (which includes a Paypal/Admin Booking Fee)

The ability to promote future concerts depends on Chapel A House Concerts being able to raise enough funds at each event via the donations to attract the booking of future artists. Thank You for your Donation.

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