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Feedback from Chapel Allerton Awards Facebook Page

Clare Maslin
So glad to see Chapel A House Concerts in the final. Love the opportunity to hear professional musicians in such an intimate setting. It is really hard to get the sound balance right in most venues so I am always stunned at the very high sound quality achieved in a converted shed! All that and amazing home cooked food - what a great way of bringing a community together -
I've been really impressed with it.

Miriam Jones
Here here! The best Caribbean curry I have ever tasted and a lovely, buzzing audience to boot. Community-building at its best.

Jenny Murphy
This is a cracking little gig shed in Chapel Allerton up for an award so here's hoping they get it. A wonder shed that when you go in you come out singing! I'd defy anyone to go along to the venue and not enjoy its great atmosphere and its intimacy.

Paul Bell
Very well deserved nomination. I had a lovely time playing here. Very special.

Gail Berridge
It’s a fantastic venue!! Great Artists, wonderful hosts, good food!! Thk u!!!!

Vanessa Lawton
What you do is proper amazing!

Lisa Stolberg Weyerhaeuser
It is a night I will never forget. The gracious welcome I received and the amazing people I met, the fabulous food that was served and the cool vibe that Chapel A exudes were just a part of the awesomeness of the evening. Congrats Chapel A for being a finalist of the Chapel Allerton Award!

Esther O'Connor
Alan Gibson and Bernice had us to perform in their shed with our band Ashton Lane... we received warm hospitality, a nearly sold out wee gig and some lovely food... They'd get my vote ;)

Sue Smith
Chapel A House Concerts provides good music, good food and a welcoming venue. Great to see them nominated for the award.

Laura Summers
I've loved attending and performing at Chapel A House Concerts, a really great community building atmosphere, keep up the great work!

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