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“Brilliant event” Josh Cana

“What an inspired idea.” Abbe Smith

“What an amazing set up.” Lara Rose

“An adorable little gig in a shed!” Natalie Holmes

“Those Jamaican patties are amazing!” Nicolas Noble

“Really intense and intimate gig atmosphere” Sean Walsh

“Great food, great folks ... a lovely wee gig!” Esther O’Connor

“Never done anything like this before. It’s really fun.” The Coopers

“Tonight was awesome. Literally such a great buzz.” Philippa Hanna

“Love playing in Leeds. Great acoustic gig. #leedsrocks” The Gentlemen

"Incredible concept; intimate setting; welcoming audience!” Kristyna Myles

“Excellent intimate venue with an attentive and lively audience.” Rod Cordner

“Mega night in Leeds .. we love Chapel A House Concerts” Daughters of Davis

“Splendid gig in Leeds. In a sweaty shed. Great crowd. Tremendous!” Paul Bell

“Amazing evening. Absolutely loved performing in the shack!” Kristyna Myles

“It made a change to have promoters that were actually really nice guys!
David Orton

“Pleasure to play a cosy and warm venue that support live acts.”
Jean-Pierre Rudolph

Sound quality is really good, no worry about technical glitches or a poor mix"
Abbe Smith

“Last gig a sell out in Leeds in a home. That's right! In a home, well a shed!”
Joel Cana

“We’ve done house concerts before but this one takes it to another level.”
Ashton Lane

“Immensely enjoyable; grabbed a brilliant idea by the scruff of the neck.”
Jonny Walker

“Venue is the coolest! A great vibe. Would play again in a heartbeat.”
Lisa Weyerhaeuser

“Brilliant, never seen anything like it. You start playing it’s all eyes on you!”
Abbe Smith

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